I provide routine veterinary care and behavioral modification for dogs and cats in the convenience of your home.

  • Avoid stressful car rides and waiting rooms.
  • Reduce your pet's exposure to contagious animals.
  • Address problem behaviors in your pet's natural environment.
  • Allow your pet to be gently euthanised where he's comfortable.
  • Enjoy compassionate, personalized care.


My Philosophy

I believe that our pets are like our children and should be treated accordingly. They are sentient beings and experience a full range of emotions and pain, just as we do. They have their own way of communicating but that doesn’t make them less intelligent. They are just different. They give us unconditional love and are completely dependent upon us, so we owe it to them to make them as comfortable, happy and healthy as we can.

I believe that my clients are people, not numbers. I treat them like members of the family, just as I do their pets.

I believe in taking the time to do my job thoroughly and not rushing. I love to get to know the dogs and cats that I treat and their people, address all medical, nutritional and behavioral concerns, and answer any questions before moving on to the next appointment.

I believe that most behavioral issues can be resolved through training and communication. We have domesticated animals and made them dependent upon us. It is our responsibility to learn their language and culture so that we understand them, their needs (as opposed to ours through them), and make their lives as natural as possible. They are, after all, dogs and cats; not humans.

I believe in alternative therapies. Western medicine has its place, but sometimes a more holistic approach is best. I practice Reiki, Healing Touch For Animals, Quantum touch and Animal Communication. Energy healing is very gentle, noninvasive and has positive side effects. If you focus on addressing a physical ailment, you will often notice healthy shifts in behavior, general mental state and energy level as well.

I believe in a modest vaccination protocol. After a dog or cat’s first year, I give Rabies and Distemper vaccines every three years. Other vaccines are given only according to potential exposure and risk.

I believe in feeding a human-grade diet. Many diseases are caused by unhealthy ingredients. Feeding a raw diet is natural but it does require a lot of research, care and attention to detail. Home cooking is easy and I will teach you how to do this in a balanced way if you wish. If you prefer to feed pet food, I can direct you to the latest, most health-conscious brands that are available near you. To learn more about this topic, look up “pet food facts” on the Web and do your own research. You may be horrified by what is found in most pet food.

I believe in small businesses. You won’t be put on hold and you won’t experience teleprompts. I refer to similar services and people who are passionate about their jobs and serve with compassion and integrity.

I believe in taking the best care that I can of our companions, but I understand the need for a practical approach. Everyone has to consider their ability to provide for their families and themselves, and I won’t make you feel guilty if you can’t afford an expensive treatment. I provide the information and options — you choose.

I believe in considering quality of life when your pet becomes old or ill. I will do what I can to make them as comfortable as possible. Heroics, however, are not necessary when it won’t change the outcome or will only cause undue stress on an animal that is already in pain.

I believe that the final decision must be made with love in your heart. Your devoted companion will try to stay with you as long as you need them, but when the time is right, you need to make the unselfish choice to let them go and end their suffering.

I believe in mercy. When you have done everything you can for your pet and their quality of life is gone, I will help him or her gracefully transition into the next world with as much dignity and as little pain or fear as possible. I deeply understand your grief and will be with you and offer a hug if it will help.